We want to sell your things! Hundreds of shoppers will come through our doors and look at your items!

In Store Consignor Check In - by Appointment Only

In order to provide the best environment for everyone, we are limiting the number of consignors in the store at any one time during consignor check in. If you want to label your items in the store during consignor check in, you will need to sign up for an appointment. We will not be taking any walk-ins. We will have two days and multiple times to choose from. The sign up link will be posted on our main website page soon.

Drop & Go for Consignors!

CONSIGNOR'S DROP & GO Option! Consignors, this is the quickest way to have your items checked in at the event! To qualify for Drop & Go you must put your barcode labels on your items at home before coming to Drop & Go (you can pick labels up early from us or print them in color at home) and choose to DONATE ALL ITEMS. If you meet these requirements, bring your items to us the during Drop N Go times. We will verify then you'll fill out your consignor paperwork and we will unload your car for you! At that point you can leave your items for us to inspect and put out in the store for you. How great is that?!?

Infant Clothing Limits

INFANT CLOTHING up to size 9 months will be limited to 100 hanging items. LIMITED SIZES INCLUDE: newborn, 0-3mo, 0-6mo, 3mo, 3-6mo, 3-9mo, 6mo, 6-9mo, 6-12mo, 9mo, 9-12mo.

Junior Clothing Limits

JUNIOR CLOTHING items will be limited to 50 hanging items. Our junior customers are very picky. They shop for name brand t-shirts, shorts, jeans, capris and dresses. We will not accept work clothing or adult items. JUNIOR CLOTHING sizes accepted are boys and girls sizes up to size 20 and junior sizes up to 15 in teen styles.

The BUMP for Consignors is Even EARLIER!!!

Consignors, would you like to shop earlier than the time on your Consignor Pre-Sale shopping pass? As you are entering your items, choose to Discount (50% off) ALL and Donate ALL your unsold items at the end of the event and we will give you a Gold Ticket to shop even earlier for FREE! Donations will go directly to local foster families and other non-profit agencies across the South Plains.

Continuing This Sale

Only bring your BEST!

Please bring like-new items that are stain and odor free. Shoes must look really great. We will not be able to accept shoes with scuffs, dirt, grass, or worn spots. They will NOT sell.

We are hiring seasonal employees!

Are you interested in working at one of our events and shopping during our Launch Party? Employees are paid minimum wage and have the option to purchase a discounted ticket for early shopping. Email chelsey@rhealana.com for more information and an application for employment.

VIP Service

Want to consign but don't have the time? Let us do it for you! We will pick up your items, sort, hang and tag them for you. You will make 35% of your sales. You'll also receive a consignor pass to shop our Private Pre-Sale. Hurry, space is limited! Email chelsey@rhealana.com for information on VIP Consigning.

RESTOCK for Consignors!

We will open the database for RESTOCK items. We will be accept all items for restock!

You can bring one guest to shop with you on Pre-Sale!

Yes, you heard right! Ticket and Pass holders for the Pre-Sale shopping times can now bring a guest to shop with them instead of just their spouse or parent! So grab your best friend, aunt, sister, parent, spouse or neighbor to shop with. Every ticket/pass admits the ticket holder and one guest. We will be strictly adhering to the one guest rule during Pre-Sale so we can provide a responsible shopping experience for everyone during this time.

Items labelled at home can be guaranteed!

As a Consignor, you have the option to print your barcodes at home. Please remember to print these labels on a COLOR printer using the Avery 5160 size address labels. Consignors who print barcode labels at home, or pick barcode labels up from us and label items at home, we WILL guarantee them if the items are brought to the store in numerical order and the labels are printed correctly. Once we confirm that all of the items are in order, we're happy to GUARANTEE them!

Voice Recognition Item Entry

You can enter your items using your smartphone! It's fast and easy! Just log into our website with your consignor id and choose Voice Entry under the Add an Item heading. Be sure to listen to some of the examples of how it works, then click the microphone button on your keypad to get started. It's that easy and our consignors are loving it!

Consignors may send someone else to pick up their items on Pick Up Day

If you are not able to pick up your items on pick up day and do not want to donate them, you may send someone else to pick up your items. We are not able to guarantee items that are picked up by someone other than the consignor. Please email chelsey@rhealana.com the name of the person picking up your items, make sure the person picking up your items knows your consignor number and brings their drivers license for verification.