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Adorable children's clothing and high-end children's consignment is truly a match made in heaven! This is precisely why we are so passionate about introducing Rhea Lana's to Lubbock and the surrounding areas! We can only hope that once you experience the fun, comradery, and savings a Rhea Lana sale can bring you and your family we will have a friend for life!

We are a Mother/ Daughter Duo and like most families, we budget and have to make the most of every dollar and... we love nothing more than a bargain! While being budget conscious, we also want our kids/ grandkids to have quality, trendy clothes and Rhea Lana's was the perfect solution!

Cindy was born and raised in Lubbock and met her husband Steve when they were in high school. She has two grown children, Chelsey and Seth; a wonderful daughter-in-love, Julie; and four precious grandchildren, Cade (9), Corbin (6), Karolyne (3) and Kopeleigh (1).

Chelsey is a single Mom of two wild and sweet boys, Cade and Corbin and currently lives in Celina, TX. Chelsey was introduced to Rhea Lana's several years ago and it filled a need for her to not only shop for affordable brand name clothing for her young boys but also sell their gently used items for extra money!

After her first time volunteering, shopping and consigning with Rhea Lana's, Chelsey shared all about her experience with Cindy and they decided to bring this wonderful event to Lubbock. Although there are other consignment events, Rhea Lana's is the only one we have felt driven to participate in due to the company's impeccable standards. Each of the items you consign in our sale is tracked and accounted for, we guarantee your items with a full reimbursement policy. You can track your sales online during the event, and your check and detailed inventory report are ready on "pick up day".

Our family has seen first hand how Rhea Lana's is such a blessing to families. We believe in Rhea Lana's Childrens Consignment Events because it is a win-win for everyone involved: Consignors get to de-clutter their closets while making more money for their children's items than they could anywhere else; Shoppers can find high-quality merchandise at a fraction of the retail price all under one roof; and Mom's & Dad's in our consignor community have the opportunity to earn extra money with our seasonal employment opportunities.

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Rhea Lana originally began this sale in 1997 with 11 consignors and 3 racks of clothes in her living room. She wrote all the tags by hand and even rewashed and ironed many of the clothes! Her husband rescued her and computerized our system. We now have thousands of consignors and shoppers in sales being held all over the country. Most of all, we love helping young moms and families.

Over the past 20 years the sale has taken off as moms everywhere realize the value of Rhea Lana events. We have fine tuned so many things and we stay on the cutting edge of the industry.

It brings us great joy to be able to provide this opportunity to so many moms and families in Lubbock and the surrounding areas. All items that consignors choose not to pick up will be donated to local foster families in Lubbock and other charitable organizations. We have always loved being a part of the Lubbock community and are excited to be able to provide quality items to deserving local families. We cannot wait to introduce you to a new way of outfitting your kids with the highest quality clothes, toys and gear at prices every family can afford.

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If you have questions about the sale and would like to contact us about the Lubbock Event you can email us at [email protected]

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